Collaborate & build high quality clinical tools

Configurable digital tools with appropriate governance and publishing control to support clinical care and research.

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Enabling 30,000+ clinicians to collaboratively share clinical content and build systems that support patient care & research.

Clinical Care

Create, manage and distribute clinical guidance across hospitals & trusts

Clinical Governance

Maintain full oversight over guidance with governance controls and audit trails


Develop patient-facing applications to support clinical research and trials.

At its core
is patient safety.

Reduce administrative burden, enable clinical collaboration and drive quality improvement

What our clients say

Configurable Tools for
Clinical Care and Research

Document Tracking
Automatically track all documentation, including alerts as to what needs to be updated, by when and who is responsible.

Real Time Dashboard
See what is being worked on and all editing activity across the library, with a complete picture available of what your staff are reading and searching for.

Governance Controls
Documents and tools flow through a structured process, including those previously outside of the governance loop. This works across department, hospital and wider organisational or geographical networks, with full auditing capability built in.

Clinibee is built as an API, setup for integration with external systems. This allows you to integrate your content with other systems.

Create a series of structured steps for a user to follow. This can be used for purposes as diverse as an implementation of clinical guidance or guiding a patient through a research study.

Questionnaires & Forms
Create sophisticated questionnaires and forms which can be used to gather information from patients or clinicians to support research or clinical care.

Set up a task or series of tasks for users to complete, monitor progress and issue reminders.

Set up a consent process for research or clinical care and allow users to record consent electronically.

How we work with you



We start by making sure we really understand your needs and sharing how we can help.



Use the out of the box Clinibee platform or work with us to create a more bespoke offering tailored to your needs.



Our team guide you through a simple and easy to understand onboarding journey and provide ongoing customer support.

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Meeting regulations & industry standards

Clinibee is safe, secure and regulation compliant

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Meet the team

We’re a small but nimble team that believe passionately in the power of technology to improve health outcomes and patient care. We believe in being transparent, honest and accountable in our work.

Alexander Kenney

Alexander Kenney
CEO & Founder

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Helen Akoni
Product Lead

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Chris Meadows
Clinical Lead

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Giacomo Skeate
Customer Success

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